CLC controller Overhaul ; LK

Pre Overhaul Check:
Part Number : 12-20403-10
Product Name : CLC Controller Overhaul; MFC-8000-T2104-052-P-001; LK

Dismantling & Check Parts:

  • Check Ultrasonic flow detector for any damages
  • Check Converter for any damages
  • Check Flow motor for any damages
  • Flow detectorMotorConverter Stability

Flow is calculated as follows Ta= L / ( C + V )

Ta= L / ( C + V )

Tb= L / ( C – V )

V=L/2(1/Ta-1/Tb) Q=V*A

(Volumetric flow rate = Flow velocity * Cross-sectional vector area)

V: Fluid flow rate (0 to 5 m/s)

C: Velocity of sound (500m/s in water)

L: Sonic transfer distance

Replace Parts & Testing :
Replace Teflon tube to confirm the output flow is normal。

  •  Replace Motor adapter to Confirm whether the Output Voltage flow is normal。
  •  Cleaning, lubricating and maintenance of Motor gear。
  •  High Pressure Cleaning of Ultrasonic flow detector。
  •  Confirm the Converter parameter setting。

Use a voltage regulator Pump attached to the Controller to measure the amount of voltage flow is stable 。

Overhaul Analysis Report, Clean packaging and shipping :

  • Fill up Overhaul Analysis Report
  • S/N confirm
  • Q/C Check & package