Heater Block Refurbish

  • Heater refurbish business scope
  • Heater frequent damage issues
  • Film residue Appear
  • Element Damage Appear
  • Refurbish flowcharts
  • Refurbish Procedure
  • Machining measurements
  • Element resistor measurement
  • Element insulation resistor measurement
  • Temperature measurement

Heater frequent damage issues

  1. Element open (∞ Ω)
  2. Element poor insulation with heater blocks
  3. Ceramic of element coating or leak
  4.  Powder residue
  5. Heater Leaks
  6. Thickness /Stress fault

Film residue Appear

  • Impact of process : Particle high and film quality effect abnormal.
  • Case Solution : Removed residues in cutting.
Film residue Appear-01
Film residue Appear-02

surface film residue

Element Damage Appear

  • Impact of process : arcing and element open (∞ Ω)
  • Case Solution : change new element.
Element Damage Appear-01
Element Damage Appear-02

Refurbish flowcharts

Refurbish Procedure 1

  • Remove the element、Hub、Welding plates and stands
  • Element/Hub/Welding plates and stands component disassemble
Refurbish Procedure 1-01
Refurbish Procedure 1-02

Refurbish Procedure 2

  • Heater block surface : CNC lather processes
  • Fork and strap hole of strap Depth / Trench / Shape : CNC miller
Refurbish Procedure 2-01
Refurbish Procedure 2-02

Refurbish Procedure 3

  • Heater block back side surface : CNC lather processes
  • Element/Hub/Stand Depth / Trench / Shape : CNC miller processes
Refurbish Procedure 3-01
Refurbish Procedure 3-02

Refurbish Procedure 4

  • Install element and heater plate/Stopper /stand/hub welding
  • Element : change new element
  • Heater plate : change new heater plate
  • Stopper/stand/hub : change new stopper/stand/hub
Refurbish Procedure 4-01
Refurbish Procedure 4-02

Machining Measurement

  • Heater block surface roughness
  • Fork and screw hole of strap depth / Trench / Shape
  • Hub and heater block coaxial with spacing
  • Hub and stand verticality with spacing
  • Element and heater block gap
Machining Measurement-01
Machining Measurement-02
Machining Measurement-03
Machining Measurement-04
Machining Measurement-05
Machining Measurement-06
Machining Measurement-07
Machining Measurement-08

Element resistor measurement

  • Inner element resistor measurement
  • Outer element resistor measurement
Element resistor measurement-01

Inner element

Element resistor measurement-02

Outer element

Element insulation resistor measurement

  • Inner element insulation resistor measurement
  • Outer element insulation resistor measurement
Element insulation resistor measurement-01
Element insulation resistor measurement-02
Element insulation resistor measurement-03
Element insulation resistor measurement-04
Element insulation resistor measurement-05
Element insulation resistor measurement-06
Element insulation resistor measurement-07
Element insulation resistor measurement-08
Element insulation resistor measurement-09
Element insulation resistor measurement-10

Temperature measurement